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Dear STLE Members,

We are delighted to welcome you on our webpage dedicated to the STLE 2021 Annual Meeting

Our products are non-Newtonian viscosity and friction modifiers with kinenamtic viscosities ranging at 40°C from 68 up to 6000 mm²/s.

Chemically speaking, our products are cross-linked vegetable oils. Some are defined as oligomers, some are polymers. They can be produced from a large variety of vegetables oils: soja, sunflower, castor, lineseed, rapeseed, ... 

Depending on the plasma mode that we operate (different level of energy are defined), in addition to the viscosity, the product will present different rheological behavior as shown here under:












Thixotropic, shear-thinning, relaxation times, ... are our favorite topic.

Would you like to learn more?


We would be pleased to guide you through the possibilities that we offer:

  • to reduce friction and

  • to elaborate more sustainable lubricants.

Please, fill in the form to plan a meeting:

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