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Oil shear thinning refers to the property of certain lubricating oils to decrease in viscosity (thickness) when subjected to shear stress or mechanical forces. This characteristic provides several benefits in lubricant applications.







Here are some of the key advantages:

  1. Improved Lubrication Efficiency: Shear thinning lubricants have lower viscosity under high shear conditions, such as in areas with heavy loads or high-speed components. This allows the oil to flow more easily and form a thin, consistent lubricating film between moving surfaces. The thinner oil film reduces friction and wear, leading to improved overall lubrication efficiency.

  2. Enhanced Equipment Protection: Lubricants with shear thinning behavior can effectively distribute themselves across various components and surfaces, even in hard-to-reach areas. The lower viscosity during operation ensures the oil can penetrate narrow gaps and provide adequate lubrication to critical parts. This helps protect the equipment from excessive wear, corrosion, and premature failure.

  3. Energy Savings: Shear thinning lubricants can reduce energy consumption in mechanical systems. When the oil is subjected to high shear forces, it thins out and requires less energy to flow and circulate. This reduces the power needed to operate pumps, motors, and other moving parts, resulting in energy savings and improved efficiency.

  4. Temperature Stability: Shear thinning oils often exhibit better temperature stability compared to non-shear thinning lubricants. They maintain their viscosity over a wide range of operating temperatures, ensuring consistent lubrication performance. This is particularly beneficial in applications where the equipment experiences varying temperature conditions.

  5. Vibration Damping: In systems where vibrations are present, shear thinning lubricants can help dampen these vibrations. The thinning effect under shear stress allows the oil to flow more easily into the gaps between moving parts, cushioning and absorbing vibrations. This helps reduce noise, minimize mechanical stresses, and increase the lifespan of the equipment.

It's worth noting that not all lubricants exhibit shear thinning behavior. The shear thinning property is often engineered into lubricants by using additives or formulating the oil with specific base oils that possess this characteristic. The appropriate selection of lubricants with shear thinning behavior depends on the specific requirements and operating conditions of the equipment or system.

Our expertise is to support you to find the appropriate product in regards to your application.

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