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Single cross-linked oils:

  • present an increased kinematic viscosity up to 20.000 mm²/s at 40°C.

  • depending on the choice of raw materials, cross-linked vegetable oils can develop various shear thinning behavior that helps to cure stick-slip issues. Contact us, we will guide to find the right match between your application and friction modification need.

  • present a lowered iodine number resulting in better oxydation stability.

  • have an aseptic effect thanks to the plasma treatment

  • are amphiphilic oils, meaning that they present on a same molecule a polar and a non-polar part. The polar head offers high solvency resulting in solubilisation of others additives and dispersant effect. The non-polar part (fatty acid chain) offers a good miscibility with others oils (mineral or synthetic). Nevertheless, the cross-linking increases the molecular weight and a balance between rheological behavior and the miscibility need to be find.

* Single cross-linked vegetable oils are based on a one and only vegetable oils. Currently, we have:

  • cross-linked sunflower oil,

  • cross-linked rapeseed oil

  • cross-linked soja oil

  • cross-linked lineseed oil

  • cross-linked castor oil

  • .... 

Blended cross-linked oils:

are available on request only as polymers

Online available Product information:

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