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Single oils

Oligomers & Polymers

Functionalized oils

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Our products are:

  • cross-linked vegetable oils

  • partially hydrogenated

  • that can be additionnaly functionlized (S, C, N, ...)

The cross-linking of oils consists in using the action of the plasma to create radicals on the fatty acid chains and pair them with each other. By doing this, dimers of tri-glycerides are created and then trimers, quadrimers, ...

From a vegetable oil (crude or refined), the process enables to create at first oligomers (lower range of viscosity up to 1000mm²/s at 40°C). The cross-linking process going on, products will move from being oligomers into polymers (higher viscosity range (up to 5000mm²/s at 40°C).


Oligmerized products are no more vegetable oils like it can be naturally found and are not yet polymers. Therefore, they are submitted to REACH registration. GREEN FRIX has undergone the registration of its oligomerized products.

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