Physics to enhance the power of nature

A 5 years route, that leads us to:

  • understand the chemistry induced by the submission of oils to silent discharge

  • manage the parameters that drive the reaction and optimize them.


As a matter of consequences, the choice was made :

  • to focus on bio-based materials in order to develop an alternative chemistry to petroleum derivates.

  • to build cutting-edge reactors to supply our customers with new functionalized products


The core of our activity :


Plasma reactors enable Green Frix to cross-link a large number of oils and substances in order to generate bio-based oils and additives for the industry.


We currently operates three reactors among which two are our property and patented.

This allows us to develop new products from lab-scale (few mililiters) to industrial need (tons).

If you would like to further discuss projects and developments, feel free to contact us. Your mail will be handed over to our Scientific Comittee who asses each request and provide a first answer on "what we can do" and "when we will do it"

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