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Physics to enhance the power of nature

A 5 years route, that leads us to:

  • better understanding of the chemistry induced by the submission of oils to plasma

  • manage the parameters that drive the rheology of end products and optimize them.

As a matter of consequences, the choice was made :

  • to focus on bio-based materials in order to develop an alternative chemistry to petroleum derivates.

  • to build cutting-edge reactors to supply our customers with new functionalized products


The core of our activity :


Plasma reactors enable Green Frix to cross-link a large number of oils and substances in order to generate bio-based oils and additives for the industry.


We currently operates three reactors among which two are our property and patented.

This allows us to develop new products from lab-scale (few mililiters) to industrial need (tons).

If you would like to further discuss projects and developments, feel free to contact us.

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