What makes us unique?

5 years of fundamental research has been necessary to GREEN FRIX:

  • to understand  the chemical reactions associated with the plasma treatment of oils.  

  • to upgrade and optimize the process with nowadays technologies in order to put on the market cross-linked and/or hydrogenated oils meeting the highest standard along with complying with legislation like REACH, INCI, ...

The process developed and patented by GREEN FRIX  enables to produce:

  • cross-linked vegetables oils.

  • metal free (partially) hydrogenated oils

The acquired knowledge is of big help to guide our customers into the large panel of possibilities:

  • single cross-linked vegetable oils (based on soja, sunflower, rapessed, lineseed, argan, coco, castor, ...) available in viscosity grades from 68 to 5000mm²/s (40°C)

  • cross-linked blend of vegetable oils produced in order to combine benefits of natural oils.

  • fuctionalized cross-linked oils. This consists to incorporate to the natural base functional groups like hydroxide, epoxy, keto, furanoïd or chemicals such as P, N, S, ...


Enhancing the power of Nature



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